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Model Management

Model management is a process of planning, organizing and leading to facilitate your day-to-day content creation and achieve results. Management involves making strategic decisions, coordinating activities between the model and the agency, motivating creators and measuring results to ensure the success of our collaboration.

Social Network Management

Our team of experts will take in hand the management of all social media related to your business (TikTok, Instagram, OnlyFans, MYM...). With a developed knowledge With our developed knowledge of these different means of communication, you will be able to delegate the management of your networks in complete serenity.

Performance Marketing

Thanks to our strategies developed during our experience in this field and to our qualified specialists, we will bring you visibility, to increase and diversify your clientele.

Message Handling

Our expert chatters can adapt to any type of customer, and will set up PPV sales strategies that will allow you to increase your monthly income.

Customer Loyalty &
Monetisation Strategy

The loyalty strategy aims to create strong bonds with customers to keep them loyal. It includes loyalty programs, upsells, regular communication and personalized experiences. Monetization is about understanding customers' needs to provide them with the right products and services to increase their value over the long term and maximize your revenue.

Acquisition of New Customers

The social media customer acquisition strategy aims to attract new customers using social platforms. It includes creating engaging content, participating in relevant conversations, targeted advertising and data analysis to better understand the needs and behaviors of potential customers.

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I am delighted to share that I have had an incredibly positive experience with Arès Company. They developed an effective strategy that dramatically increased traffic to my OnlyFans business. Their team was professional, responsive and worked closely with me to achieve my goals. I highly recommend them!


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